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[GIST] 7 Years Beef Ended, P-Square Is Back

7 Years Beef Ended, P-Square Is Back

Peter and Paul Okoye, The long ago sensational music duo with the stage name P-Square, after a long and nasty fight that took over 7 years of their lifes, have finally decided to reconcile both on stage and off stage. Enjoy reading 7 Years Beef Ended, P-Square Is Back.

The fight which has quite a number of speculations as its root cause, that we couldn’t really point at  a particular reason, was really a fight that left the P-Square fanbase thirsty for a long while.

To the extent that their fanbase didn’t really know when it’ll be that they will get to enjoy their lovely musicians back on a track or on stage together, that’s if they ever will decide to set aside their differences.

7 Years Beef Ended, P-Square Is Back

However, surprisingly, 2021 was the years no one anticipated to see the old P-Square back to the old days and vibes.

In the process of reconcilation, Peter made it know that as the fight lasted for 7 years, so does their conversation. Meaning, all through the years, they never spoke to one another. What a quarrel huh?

With the miracle happening, Peter and Paul are now back together off stage and finally we can say the old P-Square is back on stage as they both performed a life show at the Livespot Festival on Christmas day, with the date 25 Dec, 2021.

Beginning this live performance, both artist pleaded for apology from the fans and the whole world for denying them the awesome experience and songs as a team “P-Square” for over 7 years.

With the conclusion of their apology, the Livespot Festival started, giving the fans the best experience of their lives and introducing themselves once again to the industry for those who never knew them as a duo act.

The duo sensational stars, during the 7 year period had carried their businesses on individually, as both artist kept delivering amazing music; Paul (Rudeboy) with some lovely delivery like “reason with me” “woman” “Audio Money” etc. While Peter also devoted his time to helping people with his zoomlife program alongside his music with some titled “fly away” “eh lo” “I no like trouble” “just like that”.

On stage, the duo sensational stars performed some of the songs that was released over 7 years ago as P-Square. Songs such as; Say Your Love, Personally, Beautiful Onyinye, , Forever, etc. The fans love the coming back together of this two great musicians  as joy was clustered over the faces of every single person at the festival.

Peter and Paul showed on stage that despite the long quarrel which lasted for 7 years, they both haven’t lost their touch as they performed to the song “Say Your Love”.

The awesome dancing steps of the duo star was just top notch, even as they kept performing to various songs of theirs, one of which is “Beautiful Onyinye”

P-Square performing to Bracket’s song Yori Yori

Peter and Paul performing to one of their last delivered song under the name P-Square, titled ‘Forever’.

With the trending capacity of Rudeboy’s music, reason with me was one of his amazing delivery which both artists performed to on stage as a duo.

Since both stars has now made it official that they’re back together, what does this hold for the entertainment world?

Are fans going to see more from Peter and Paul as a duo back under the name P-Square or where do we go from here?

Personally, I’ll say hell yeah! We definitely should see more amazing songs and videos from both artists as a team once again However, we can’t be fully sure of what’s next for this two.

Only time will tell if this will actually be as it seems since their fans and lovers are hungry to see them deliver as a duo once again with the name P-Square. Bringing their old mojo back to the industry.

What’s your own thoughts on this? Drop your views in the comment section, we love, value and appreciate your perception, let the conversation continue to flow.

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