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[Gist] Underrated Burna Boy Makes History No One In The Industry has Ever Made

Underrated Burna Boy Makes History

Is Burna Boy Underrated or does people just find it hard to connect to his music? This is a question that will show so many opinions going both ways due to it’s subjective nature, However, using the facts, we can safely drive in just one direction. Enjoy reading Underrated Burna Boy Makes History.

Talented musician, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu known with the stage name Burna Boy or Oluwa Burna as he’s usually called by his hard core fans, have really done a whole lot of numbers to his music since the time he gained prominence.

Burna Boy have been in the music industry for a little while but his music hit the limelight averagely over 5 years ago and ever since he truly has transformed the industry in his own way.

Which leads us to the question, is Burna Boy Underrated? Should he be Underrated? Or does people just don’t connect to his music?

Looking from the facts as it presents itself, Burna Boy has since he gained prominence created and made history starting from becoming the very first african artist to have not one, not two but multiple projects with over 200M streams on Spotify.

As at may 9, 2021 according to Chart Data, Burna Boy was named the first african to have 3 projects with over 100 streams. Projects such as the Twice As Tall Album, African Giant and Outside.

Underrated Burna Boy Makes History

Allegedly, this stats seems to have improved as rumours has it that Burna Boy now has over 200M streams on Spotify on various projects, making him the first ever African to occupy that position.

This data does shows that the public does enjoy his music and they perfectly understand the information he passes through via his music. And now we’re left with is Burna Boy Underrated and Should he be Underrated?

Underrated Burna Boy Makes History

In one of his latest songs, Burna Boy implied that he wouldn’t be changing his style of music for anything thing, and obviously for anything would also mean not even so he could gain more recognition.

He’s always implied that his music pass a message and they have what they deal with and address in the society. While combating these societal factors he also ensures the ginger in his music which makes his audience vibe to his songs doesn’t get lost in the process.

Now, what would you say, is Burna Boy Underrated as compared to the recognition he should have ? And Should he even be underrated at all? Let’s hear your opinions in the comments section . Let the conversation flow.

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