Home Music Videos VIDEO : Burna Boy – “Monsters You Made” ft. Chris Martin (@burnaboy)

VIDEO : Burna Boy – “Monsters You Made” ft. Chris Martin (@burnaboy)

“Monsters You Made” by Burna Boy ft. Chris Martin

Off the ‘Twice As Tall‘ album, here is track 12 – “Monsters You Made” where Burna Boy teamed up with Chris Martin of Cold Play.

About this song Burna said “I think i started to write this over the lockdown, when a lot was and is still happening, I think i’d just watched some fucked up sh*t and that was what switched up my mood. People need to understand what’s actually happened in Rivers, which is my home state in Nigeria.”

It’s like someone digging up under your house, taking what they want that may be valuable to them. But they have destroyed your home, now it’s unsafe and now no longer home to you again. The environmental situation have been going on for years and years and no one is helping, but then people will only hear about the pipe bombing or kidnappings. They should understand that it’s never just that one side to the story and that everything has a root cause.“

Watch & download video below;



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